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Tim McCallum

Serious Fun Fitness


My BusinessPilates-based method of fitness training -- I like to say I teach Fitness for People Who Hate Fitness. 13 years' experience and 13,000 sessions taught. Located in Kihei, HI.

Ideal ReferralAny individual looking to improve the way they live in their body. In a perfect world, they are looking for something that isn't The Usual Fitness Thang. Educated, thoughtful, ready to work, with available time and disposable income.

Top ProductExpert, thoughtful, attentive personal training. Also FUN.

Top Problem Solved"I can't do [ACTIVITY or, quite simply, LIFE] because my [X] [hurts, is broken, is weak]". Second top problem outcome: "I LOVE the way [I FEEL] [I LOOK] [I LOOK AND FEEL]!!"

My Ideal Referral PartnerPeople who interact with / know medium-to-high-net-worth individuals (generally professionals or retired professionals and/or those who love them) who are willing to invest in themselves in order to feel, look and perform better in their bodies. Usually age 40+, although I have worked with clients ranging from age 11 to 80+.